Beacon Falls – Single Family

A well-worn, leaky house full of mold and broken floors was transformed into a thoughtfully designed home.

Property Stats:

Property Video

When we first acquired this property, it was totally distressed and uninhabitable. The house was filled with mold and there were holes in the floor, and the roof leaked extensively.

To start this project, we removed two walls, installed a new support beam, and replaced subflooring. The inside was completed remodeled with a new kitchen, expanded living room and dining room area, and remodeled bathrooms. We installed a curtain drain and sump pump.

On the exterior a new roof was installed, windows replaced, and new siding installed. A new porch was added to the front and the rear of the house, new driveway installed, and new lanscaping.

Before & After

Before & After - Kitchen

Before & After - Entrance