Fairfield – Single Family

A well-worn home was extensively renovated into a bright and welcoming home.

Property Stats:

This property was our second most extensive rehab with a $125k project budget. When we first acquired this property it was very distressed and took seven dumpsters to empty the previous owner’s property that was left behind.

Inside we removed a chimney and wall in the center of the house to significantly open up the space. We extensively remodeled replacing flooring, fixtures, lighting, and windows. A full bath was added to the second story and the kitchen was completed reconfigured. The electrical and HVAC systems were replaced. Additionally, a sump pump and curtain drains were added.

On the outside, we removed a broken retaining wall, installed a new walkway, new patio, and replaced the landscaping. We replaced the roof, replaced siding, and added additional driveway space for vehicles to turn around.

Before & After